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Pain treatment is one of our specialties, but we also offer stand-alone services that you can take advantage of as well. Find out more about our professional massage services or learn more about our chiropractic services. Not sure we offer what you need? Contact us as we have a helpful staff you answer your questions.

Pain Treatment Specialists

Managing pain requires an individualized approach. No two people are alike and each person has unique needs. At our office, you will sit down with us to create a treatment plan that will address your specific needs. We'll work with you to get the pain under control as much as possible.

We utilize various pain treatment techniques at our facility, depending on your particular condition and level of discomfort. Before forgoing treatment, we will evaluate, discuss treatment options and choose the plan best for you.

- Deep tissue massage

- Sports massage

- Physiotherapy

- Laser therapy

- Chiropractic adjustments

- Other techniques as needed

We are both qualified and experienced in managing pain from a variety of health conditions. Call us!

At Living Well Chiropractic, we have experience treating all kinds of pain. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain related to disease or acute pain from an injury, we can help!

Some of our pain treatment techniques

Other services we offer at our office

Visit our convenient location in Yelm, WA! We have ample parking and offer same day appointments for massage and other services.

Let us help you manage and treat

your pain.

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CryoDerm Pain Relieving Spray

*ARNICA: Research studies at The University Of California San Francisco Medical Center showed topical applications of Arnica to be effective in reducing bruising, swelling, edema, hematoma and contusions.


*BOSWELLA: Has Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Arthritic actions in acute and chronic models of inflammation. Boswella reduces swelling, increasing mobility, thereby effectively reducing pain.


*EUCALYPTUS: Is a Pain Reliever with warming properties that is also anti-bacterial in nature.


*ILEX: Reduces pain, swelling and loosens stiff joints.


*MENTHOL: Is used clinically as an anti-inflammatory and Pain Reliever. It causes a cold sensation on the skin, by activating peripheral cold receptors.


*MSM: Is a naturally occurring, essential nutrient found in healthy tissue and joints. Studies at The University of Oregon Medical School reported that: MSM has a wide range of pharmacologic actions including topical membrane penetration, anti-inflammation and local analgesia.” Applied topically MSM creates a tingling sensation.


*PEPPERMINT OIL: Has anesthetic properties as well as being a vascular and lymphatic system stimulant. Peppermint creates a burning-cold sensation.


*PURIFIED WATER: Has been processed by reverse osmosis to insure that it is chemical free.


*SD ALCOHOL 39-C: All Natural, Distilled Grain Alcohol. For External Use Only.


See bottle label for complete uses, warnings and directions.

*These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The FDA

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CRYODERM’S® KEY INGREDIENTS are clinically proven to dilate blood vessels, inhibit inflammation, platelet adhesion, and oxidative damage through the production

of Nitric Oxide and cGMP.

Get your CryoDerm Spray at Living Well Chiropractic today. No appointment needed, we have it in stock today.

3LT® Low Level Laser Therapy

Introducing the Newest Line of Cold Lasers from Erchonia®

One revolutionary new handheld laser device with three FDA 510(k) market clearances. This dual-diode laser features an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI), with a sleek new cord-free design. With user definable channels and preset protocols, cold laser has just become more flexible than ever before. Experience the freedom of this incredible new technology—

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Customized treatment plans offered

All LASER treatment administered by Dr. Wells